Personal Defence Readiness Classes In Scotland

Everybody flinches. In the moment when a stimulus is introduced too quickly into your awareness your body will flinch. It may be just a small recoil or you could jump quite a way. This flinch is wired into your system. It acts to protect your command centre, your brain, and moves your hands between the danger and your head. Does this action have a combat application? If so why do we not use it? Well WE do:

The Personal Defence ReadinessTM (PDR) System, developed by Tony Blauer, is a very effective self-protection system that is easy to learn and retain as it is based on natural body reactions. PDR comes from the S.P.E.A.R. System and suitable for everybody man, woman or child. Even after a single session you will go away with a newfound confidence in your own ability to protect you and yours.

What will it teach you? There are three aspects to the system that we will work with you on:

DETECT – see the problem before it happens and avoid it

DEFUSE – how to talk your way out of situations before they escalate

DEFEND – last resort if confrontation becomes physical

97% of confrontations can be defused before they become physical and much of our work focuses on fear management and how to calmly deal with an aggressor to prevent a situation becoming physical, but if it does you will have the tools to deal with it.

The S.P.E.A.R. System is the study of Human Movement as it relates to Violence, Fear and Aggression.

It is not a style or a martial art. The S.P.E.A.R. System is based on a genetic survival reflex and has been turned into a combative science.


Thoroughly enjoyed the teaching. As a young female the classes gave me the confidence and security in myself after just one session. Taught in a very realxed and friendly environment. Would highly reccomend

Emily Banister

"Craig's and Charles' PDR classes are great way to build self-confidence. I attended the classes in preparation for overseas voluntry work. PDR provides useful techniques that can be used in every day settings, regardless of your strength, abilities etc - it is a class that really is suitable for everybody." - Rachel Anderson.

Rachel Anderson

When you train with Charles and Craig you will very soon understand that they both have a solid and serious background in Martial Arts and self defense.
They both work hard and are very talented in what they do and still manages to keep both feet on the ground, they are just great guys to be around.
I strongly recommend to choice Craig and Charles as your coaches. - you will not be disappointed

Christian Hvidberg
Street Sence Coach, Denmark

The first time I meet Charles and Craig, I meet somebody who knew how to appreciate life; all the way through like a red thread passing through the different aspects of their lives.

The manifestation of it was really clear in the PDR/self-defense techniques, giving it a solid fundamental foundation. And at the same time never letting go of that "sparkle in the eye".

Charles and Craig will give you more than just a technique or just a chat, they'll give you something fundamentally good for the rest of your life!

Terje Theiss
Sence-Consulent, PDR fundamentals Coach & Mediator, Denmark

Terje Theiss
Street Sense, Denmark

I had the good fortune of meeting Charles, while he was over with us in Ireland in May 2011. Charles has a great knowledge of the PDR System and his approach to both the students and the system are second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to contact Charles if I had any questions regarding the course as he is extremely helpful and also very encouraging. I'm very much looking forward to meeting up with the rest of the Scottish Coaches and I highly recommend taking a PDR Course.
Joanne Buckley Earls
Irish PDR Coach

Joanne Buckley Earls
Focus Martial Arts

Colin McNultyWhenever I get the chance to train with Charles and Craig, it's always a pleasure. Their calm, assured coaching style immediately puts everyone at ease. This quiet confidence comes from knowing they are teaching material that really does change people's lives. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Colin McNulty